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Where Can I Winterize Sprinkler Piping With freezemaster™ Antifreeze?

By: John Pritchard on February 22nd, 2021

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Where Can I Winterize Sprinkler Piping With freezemaster™ Antifreeze?


Sprinkler pipes must be safeguarded when temperatures cannot reliably remain at or above 40ºF (4ºC) ambient temperature. New and existing sprinkler systems in Residential, Light Hazard, Ordinary Hazard and Storage applications can be protected against severe cold with freezemaster™ antifreeze, a new UL-listed, factory premixed freeze protection technology.

freezemaster™ antifreeze’s minimum use temperature of -12ºF (-24ºC) makes it suitable for unlimited exterior uses in buildings in most areas of the United States and along the east and west coastal areas of Canada. These regions appear on or below the line in the graphic below, and include these cities and their surrounding areas:











New York City





Salt Lake City


Washington, D.C.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Partially Conditioned Spaces: Ideal for freezemasterTM Antifreeze

But what about northern areas of the U.S. and Canada where temperatures drop much lower than -12°F? On its own, listed antifreeze currently on the market would not maintain piping at an acceptable temperature in these areas. There are, however, thousands of partially conditioned interior spaces that are suitable candidates for freezemaster™ antifreeze.



Buildings with small unheated areas vulnerable to freezing often charge sprinkler pipes with water during the summer only. During the coldest months when there is a risk of freezing, the pipes are drained and charged with air under pressure. These spaces may be heated on average to 50ºF (10ºC), but can drop below freezing if an outside door is open or the heat can't keep up with severe cold at night. Structures outfitted with these “tail end” hybrid systems are good candidates for freezemaster™ antifreeze. They include:

  • Small walk-in freezers and refrigerators
  • Temperate small parking garages
  • Small cold storage facilities
  • Roof access hatches
  • Basement garbage rooms
  • Industrial refrigeration equipment
  • Pits in heated buildings
  • Surge areas
  • The first few heads of a heated parking garage
  • Obstruction heads below bay doors
  • Tunnels/corridors in heated industrial applications with large diameter piping but not much heating capacity

With freezemasterTM antifreeze, compliance with NFPA requirements has never been easier. Precisely formulated by Lubrizol Advanced Materials, a specialty chemical company supporting the fire industry for more than 30 years, freezemaster™ antifreeze delivers the safety, performance and assurance you can rely on with:

  • Superior anti-corrosion performance – freezemasterTM antifreeze includes a corrosion inhibitor package unlike any other product on the market, effectively reducing pipe corrosion by up to 65 percent.
  • Unique coloring – While the other UL-listed alternative is clear, freezemasterTM antifreeze is dyed blue so contractors are able to see the material as it exits the vents and drains when flushing and filling systems during the fill process.
  • Approval for use in more piping systems – Unlike the other UL-listed alternative, freezemasterTM antifreeze is permitted for use in galvanized piping systems.

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