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Listed antifreeze solutions address important life safety concerns associated with nonlisted fluids. Like any sprinkler system, systems with listed antifreezes must be properly inspected, tested, and maintained to ensure optimum safety and performance. A key difference in the testing, inspection, and maintenance (ITM) of a listed antifreeze like freezemaster™ and a nonlisted antifreeze is the process and tools you use to measure refractive index.  

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What is a Refractometer?

A refractometer is a common tool for testing a liquid’s refractive index (RI), or how much a material bends light, which confirms that the liquid hasn’t thickened or been diluted. Refractometers are an essential tool for testing factory pre-mixed, UL-listed antifreeze to ensure that the product is performing as designed and tested to help save lives and property.


Choosing the Right Refractometer

A lab benchtop refractometer has excellent resolution, but a handheld device is easy to transport and use in the field. This guide offers advice on selecting the best refractometer for your freezemaster antifreeze usage.


Testing freezemaster™ Antifreeze

Essential to maintaining any listed antifreeze product on your property is careful attention to the manufacturer’s installation guide. The guide will contain information on the correct refractive index value for the product when tested at a given temperature, as thermal changes affect the refractive index your refractometer will read. Proper testing can help ensure life safety and can help avoid unnecessary system drain, flush and refills.

Learn how to select and use a refractometer for proper testing of freezemaster™ antifreeze.

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