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freezemaster™ Antifreeze Loop Video

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See how freezemaster™ antifreeze is installed and operates in a fire sprinkler system in the video below.


freezemasterTM antifreeze is a premixed freeze protection solution designed and UL-listed for use in wet sprinkler systems in residential and commercial applications. freezemasterTM antifreeze has an expanded listing based on additional testing at UL. freezemasterTM antifreeze is designed for use in freezing temperatures that can cause damage to equipment or prevent proper function of the sprinkler system. freezemasterTM antifreeze was developed to meet the requirements of UL 2901 for compliance with the current editions of NFPA 13, 13R, 13D and 25.

Once the sprinkler system activates, freezemasterTM antifreeze immediately discharges from the sprinklers and is followed by water. This technology provides a much more cost effective solution than dry pipe or heat trace systems. Unlike other technologies, there is not the delay that occurs between activation of the sprinkler and water reaching the sprinkler head in dry pipe systems. freezemasterTM antifreeze also provides superior corrosion resistance relative to other antifreeze products.

For more on the installation of freezemaster™ antifreeze, download the installation guide here.