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Why You Should Convert to Listed Antifreeze Before the Approaching NFPA Deadline

By: Mark Knurek on October 29th, 2020

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Why You Should Convert to Listed Antifreeze Before the Approaching NFPA Deadline

Codes, Standards & Approvals

NFPA fire sprinkler standards require new antifreeze systems to use an agency-listed antifreeze. And these same standards require that existing systems use an agency-listed antifreeze by September 30, 2022. These standards are intended to ensure an antifreeze system is designed and installed using the safest and most reliable practices in the industry.

And take note: the 2022 deadline is the date the conversion to a listed antifreeze must be completed, not started. For building owners with antifreeze systems, this means making a decision ahead of the next annual visit by your qualified inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) service.

For fire sprinkler contractors, it means beginning to actively encourage your clients to get a head start on compliance and understand how doing so will enhance their life safety practices. After all, a listing provides the peace of mind that the antifreeze meets or exceeds the most rigorous standards.


The Safe To Use, UL-Listed Antifreeze Solution

Changes in the composition of building materials over the years make it more likely that the contents will combust and experience flashover much more quickly than any fire service could respond to a call. It is more important than ever that automatic fire suppression systems function perfectly to suppress fires before they burn out of control.

When temperatures fall, freezemaster™ antifreeze will prevent damage to equipment and ensure the fire sprinkler system works as planned. Lubrizol Advanced Materials developed this breakthrough freeze prevention technology to meet the requirements of UL 2901 for compliance with the current editions of NFPA 13, 13R, 13D and 25 for Residential, Light Hazard, Ordinary Hazard and Storage applications.

UL-listed freezemaster™ antifreeze delivers the safety, performance and assurance you can rely on with:

  • Superior anti-corrosion performance – freezemaster™ antifreeze includes a corrosion inhibitor package unlike any other product on the market, effectively reducing pipe corrosion by up to 65 percent.
  • Blue coloring – While the other UL-listed alternative is clear, freezemaster™ antifreeze is dyed blue so contractors are able to see the material as it exits the vents and drains when flushing and filling systems during the fill process.
  • Approval for use in more piping system materials – Unlike the other UL-listed alternative, freezemaster™ antifreeze is listed for use in galvanized piping systems.

Once freezemaster™ antifreeze is installed, the system will meet the requirements of NFPA as required for 2022. Moving forward, the system must simply be tested annually by a qualified inspector to ensure the freeze point is being maintained. Watch this video to learn more or download the Installation Guide for detailed instructions.

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